DEFINITION OF CLIENT/S; The person/s whose signature/s appear on this contract shall be the client/s and shall be the one/s to whom Andrew Bird Photographer delivers its products, and shall be financially responsible for all payments to be made under this contract.  This contract incorporates the entire understanding of the parties, and any modifications to it must be in writing and signed both by Andrew Bird Photography and by the client/s.


FILM and COPYRIGHTS: The photographs produced by the COMPANY are protected by Federal Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and may not be reproduced in any manner without the COMPANY's explicitly written permission. The client/s agree/s to purchase all prints and /or images directly from the COMPANY. If the CLIENT has purchased an "Image DVD" from the COMPANY, upon final payment by the CLIENT, limited copyright ownership of the resulting images will be transferred to the CLIENT.  If the CLIENT has purchased an "Image DVD" from the COMPANY, the COMPANY grants the CLIENT permission to share the images on social networking websites, with family and friends,  as long as the images remain unaltered and textual credit is explicitly given to the COMPANY. The CLIENT must obtain written permission from the COMPANY prior to publishing or selling the photographs. 

INHERENT QUALITIES: The client/s understand/s that photographs may fade or discolor over time due to the inherent qualities of dyes, inks and materials and green to release the COMPANY and/or photographer/s from any liability for any claims based upon such fading or discoloration. Prints made different times, from different cameras, or from digital media vs. film, are expected to have variations from each other in color balance and finish.  Proof images may bear watermarks indicatingthey are proofs and showing the COMANY’S name and copyright information.