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How To Choose Your Photographer


Photography is so much more than just having a nice camera or taking a lot of pictures to cover your what you want. It takes LOVE, SKILL, EDUCATION, & DEDICATION.  The goal of this article is to help prevent you from hiring the wrong photographer, or even worse, “Uncle Joe.”


A professional portrait photographer should not only versed in the technical side of the trade, but he must also be artistic and creative. Those are two opposite personality traits. How many people do you know are very technologically savvy and artistically creative at the same time?

Having a great camera and technical skills will allow the portrait photographer to capture exposed, well-lit images regardless of the lighting situation and time constraints. On the other hand, having great creative skills will allow the photographer to approach each shot with a unique viewpoint and artistic vision ensuring that the shots are not just photos, but they are beautiful creative and timeless images.


Just as important (if not more important) as their technical knowledge and creativity are the wedding photographers interpersonal skills. How well do they get along their clients and those at the wedding? Are they outgoing, personable, charismatic, professional, and honest?

Between phone calls, sessions, reveals. You will be spending a lot of time with your photographer creating special moments that become priceless memories in your life.


When seeking a photographer, don’t get caught up to the amount of products and images on a cd each photographer is promising. Stay focused on the actual quality of the work provided. We realize that some people are working within a budget. Think to yourself that you can always purchase an album or extras later, but you can’t change the quality of the photographs from your day.

I strive to tell clients if there is something you can take from this is don't always worry about the digitals only. These moments are meant to be in your homes, on the walls for everyone to see. Not just in your draw or hidden away on social media to be forgotten, but don’t go with a cheaper photographer because they are willing to give you all the all the images you want up front on a cd and let you deal with it all. If you can, always keep at least two photographers in your package.




We will have specific recommendations depending on the location that is choosen. However, we want you to wear clothing that showcases your personality. It’s all about styling and planning. The more time you invest in selecting a wardrobe for your photo shoot, the happier you will be with the results. Leaving the details to the last minute creates stress and takes the fun out of the day. Don’t hesitate to consult with us on options for colors and accessories.

Dress: As a general rule, wear solid colors, as stripes and patterns draw attention away from your face. Avoid wearing turtlenecks and large loose clothing, as these often make the neck seem nonexistent, and the body looks wider than it is. Shorts or capris have a tendency to make legs appear shorter than they are.


Colors: Solid monochromatic colors are easiest to coordinate, but primary or complementary colors also look great and bring energy to the photograph. Darker colors will cause the subject(s) to appear thinner while lighter colors will make the subjects appear larger. Dark pants or jeans with dark shoes give texture and visually anchor a portrait. When choosing color schemes, consider not only what looks best on you, but also what colors will look best on wall portraits and complement your home’s décor.

Accessories: Keep it to a minimum. Avoid hats, hair ornaments, and sparkly or costume jewelry unless it does not distract from the main subject, you.

Footwear: Avoid running shoes, white socks, and heavy footwear. Also, consider fashionable boots, sandals or bare feet for casual photos.

Props: Props are always a great way to help showcase your personality for a personalized touch to your images.

Do I need a make up and hair stylist?


Looking good on camera doesn’t require a makeup artist, but professional makeup tips help. Even if you prefer a natural look, the camera tends to exaggerate flaws and create artificial ones. Who wants that? Even though its not required, we highly recommend hiring a profession makeup and hair stylist. Remember this is about you. We want you to have a stress free experience. You already decided to invest in you, why not do it the right way?


Even though its not required, we highly recommend hiring a professional makeup and hair stylist. Remember this is about you. We want you to have a stress free experience. You already decided to invest in you, why not do it the right way?



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