White Flower-Editorial



When Sam Vega contacted me about creating a team for a beauty editorial I was beyond excited. I have been wanting to work beside him for a year and a half or so now. He had thought of doing a “do it your self project” which contained huge white card board and silk flowers. I was hooked from the start. I then began to look toward Sue Bryce, Lara Jade and their floral work was they did past year. 


We started a mood board with each other and the model. Sam found the Flower design on Etsy and decided on a location (which was his home kitchen). Why the kitchen? It was the easiest option at the moment since renting a local studio would of taken some time. We met up a week before our shoot to start building the backdrop and make the model selection. Thats when I met Sam’s assistant Claudia and friend Elisabeth. Let me say this; It was really cool to be an adult, acting like a kid. We had wine, music, sushi, pizza, cardboard, and glue guns. The back drop consisted of two 4’x 8’ foam boards that I bought at a local sign shop and Sam purchased the cardboard and silk flowers from a local arts and craft store. Just before I arrived the day of the shoot Sam asked me to get some fabric just incase, luckily it was used in one of the final images.


After reviewing multiple talent submissions for this shoot. It was very upsetting on how many people were trying to take advantage or think it was a way to make quick money.  Charging $85-$120 an hour with a portfolio, that has selfie pictures and doesn't contain a professional headshot or any images pertaining to the genre we would be photographing. This is not every submission we received but a decent amount. The reason why I am stating this is because if you are a model who is trying to get into the industry, this is not the way to get hired or accepted to do any professional work. Build your book! decide what area you wish to market to and provide quality work so that professionals will take you seriously and refer you to other industry professionals. We decided to chose Kendall. I personally worked with her a few times before when her and I were starting out in the industry.   The vibe was always on point and she is a professional who loves and values photography and the many talents that are involved in these type of work. There was no better option to go with in our minds. Kendall has always been prepared in every aspect when we worked together and this was no different. Not to mention she received a call from an agency to schedule a meeting and needed new fresh work. It seemed like fate, the timing was perfect. 


By the time I got there the first back drop was already set up and ready to go thanks to the team. At 11:30am we started to set up and started photographing our first look, which would be for the agency Kendall was interested in making a submission to. I also set up two Gopro Cameras as well to record a behind the scenes video. Our goal for the day was to start out with a clean, clean look then gradually work up from a beautiful base to an outstanding final artistic look that showed the talented process of Sam and assistant Claudia. Sam made a beautiful necklace for our third look and used a left over flower as a hat for our 4th look. After 7 hours of shooting, We broke everything down stuffed our faces with pizza and reviewed some of the images. we were extremely happy on how the images turned out and we hope you love the images as much as we do. 


I started this awesome journey 3 years ago. I was with my wife buying a new xbox one controller and I passed by the camera section but for some reason walked out with a Canon. Since then my life has completely changed for the better. Even though it is an extremely difficult journey. It has made me a better man, and I am so grateful for the people who supported me and my vision to create beautiful images.  I can not stress enough that with out this team I wouldn't be able to do it. It is an incredible feeling when you work with fellow creatives who put so much effort and care in to the same cause. 




Photographer: Andrew Bird 






Make up & Hair:

Sam Vega




Make up & Hair Assistant:

Claudia Lerma




Kendall Brady



Styling: Sam Vega

Necklace: Sam Vega




 Makeup Forever foundation, MAC eye-shadow, Bobbi Brown Lips and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for Lips on last look. 

Paint strokes using Makeup Forever flash pallete. 

Andrew Bird Photography



andrew bird

Andrew Bird is the owner/founder of Andrew Bird Photography; based in Lake Naomi, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several articles featured in magazines for his Portrait/Fashion and Landscape photographs. Andrew is a Flushing Queens, NY native until age 12 when his family moved to Lake Naomi. He graduated from Pocono Mountain High School and went on to receive a degree in Visual Communications. Photography has always been his passion that is driven by the sights of iconic architecture and nature’s spectacular landscapes but his real affection dwells in capturing the powerful expressions of people. Capturing the moments that make us who we are is what he lives for. Since the start of his journey, Andrew strives to achieve the best of what he can do in every image. As he continues learning and growing, he is reminded of Taylor’s words; “And if I’m not learning. I’m not getting any better.” Building a relationship with a subject is the most important attribute of any photographer. The core value to his business is ensuring the ability to capture the most precious moments and beautiful candids that become compelling images, which is achieved by collaborating with the client every step of the way. Andrew believes this provides a creative atmosphere, making the images even more special. Providing beautiful and creative portraits that go beyond the standard norm is the foundation of his business.