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I think one of the hardest things as an artist is whether you do make up, hair, or dance. It is getting yourself or what you create out there to as many people as you can. We pray that someone will see what we created; not for just simple approval but simply to say something simple like "nice" They get it and enjoy it. Most of the time we fail and fail and fail again. 

This day we all had a simple goal. The goal was to help another inspiring designer (Jocelyn King) get her work out there by all coming together as artists. A wonderful make up artist Jessica Paseler of JLP Makeup called me and told me the idea and I was immediately excited about it. She found this awesome and beautiful Antique shop right on main street in Stroudsburg, PA. The place was Called Main Street Antiques & Collectables



The owner is Rex L Hughes Jr. His personality would make you smile once you spoke with him. He was so laid back and seriously has such a warm heart. Jessica and I told him the idea of helping another artist and going for publication and I will offer my services and shoot some of his inventory and he can use the images for his online store on ETSY.  His store was beautifully organized. Yes an antiques shop that is organized and BIG!. He not only knows his inventory and where things are placed, but is very well versed in the history and value of these items as if he has a personal connection with them. He treats you like one of his guests as you enter the premises and gives you his complete attention. If your having a bad day this is a place where I would just walk in to get a damn smile.



believe it was a 5am or 6am call time. Jessica found two local inspiring models (Kendall Brady & Amanda Kitzmiller) who loved the idea and was willing to collaborate with us. Before you think about the above picture. We did have healthier options available.  Food is very important especially when you have a 16 hour day ahead of you, aslo I love Entenmann's baked goods :).

 After about 2 1/2 hours of make up & hair. We packed up headed over to the shop. Once we got on site we met up with Sarah Turner who is also a model out of New Jersey. She drove all the way down just to help out with the project. Kendall also brought her friend Jimmy who ended up being a bad ass assistant that day. The atmosphere was amazing. 

This day was nothing short but amazing. As nervous as I was that day the people who were involved made it so much easier for me to relax and focus, rather than try to control every aspect. At the end of the day we didn't get the publication we wanted, but for me the experience, the dedication to help a fellow artist, the laughs and the memories that will stay with me tops it all.


Photographer: Andrew Bird

Make up & Hair styling : JLP Make up

Models: Kendall Brady, Amanda Kitzmiller, Joycelyn King

Assistants: Sarah Turner, Jimmy

Location: Main street Antiques & Collectables

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andrew bird

Andrew Bird is the owner/founder of Andrew Bird Photography; based in Lake Naomi, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several articles featured in magazines for his Portrait/Fashion and Landscape photographs. Andrew is a Flushing Queens, NY native until age 12 when his family moved to Lake Naomi. He graduated from Pocono Mountain High School and went on to receive a degree in Visual Communications. Photography has always been his passion that is driven by the sights of iconic architecture and nature’s spectacular landscapes but his real affection dwells in capturing the powerful expressions of people. Capturing the moments that make us who we are is what he lives for. Since the start of his journey, Andrew strives to achieve the best of what he can do in every image. As he continues learning and growing, he is reminded of Taylor’s words; “And if I’m not learning. I’m not getting any better.” Building a relationship with a subject is the most important attribute of any photographer. The core value to his business is ensuring the ability to capture the most precious moments and beautiful candids that become compelling images, which is achieved by collaborating with the client every step of the way. Andrew believes this provides a creative atmosphere, making the images even more special. Providing beautiful and creative portraits that go beyond the standard norm is the foundation of his business.