/// Farewell 2015 \\\

Shit! 2015 has been an incredible year, filled with exciting business developments and not so exciting business moments for me. Although I’ve had an amazing year of opportunities and meeting such wonderful people.  Lets not forget I Married to my person,my best friend. Not only that; I was blessed to have my favorite wedding photographer Jessica Oh Photography capture the whole moment. Let me tell you if you need that bad ass, free minded, incredibly loving artist freaking book her!! 


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The main thing I wanted to share with all of you is how some business changes have made a huge impact on my career and my clients this year.  The biggest change I decided to offer my clients a full service experience. I experienced so many situations where Cd’s were lost/scratched, computer crashed or to busy to go to the store to print. Instead offering just a digital product. I now offer Quality, tangible artwork to display in their homes as well as offering digital images to share with friends and family seamlessly. The best of two worlds. I want to give my clients the same feeling I get when I look at all the memories of my life on my walls everyday and not worry about searching for them.


I wanted to evaluate every business opportunity with caution – the people I work with, commercial offers, meetings and what shoot opportunities I would take or not take. When an opportunity came around, I seriously asked myself – “What is the benefit and purpose of it!!! and will this lead to other opportunities that will make me grow as an artist and a businessman?”. Previously, I had grasped at every job, every barter– even if it didn’t feel right and often left me feeling disheartened after completing the work and hating my own work. Hating your own work as an artist is something very difficult to swallow.  With every commissioned job whether commercial, family portraits, Talent development, landscape. I step back, breath and go at it with the mind set that it has to be fun. My team needs to have fun



Part of my new year plan has been built on the answers I have received from feedback from clients and my peers. I have gained some new clients with the shift and I have lost a lot of clients with the shift. With the jobs I did take led me to more opportunities with my target clients and most importantly, I felt inspired by them.  A few highlights from this year; I have been published in the local flair magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, and on slrlounge.com to name a few. As I now finish up my portfolio from 2015 and I so happy how consistent my style has become and how efficiently I can tackle on location and studio situations. The best part of making these changes has also left me a lot more free time to organize what I want to create, research future clients and strategize for this upcoming year, but most importantly more family time. I plan to also enter in many local competitions and art shows to display my work in a new way.  With this new year coming up my focus will be driven to work with more clients commercial and non-commercial who appreciate the art we strive to create. I want to work with the best artists in the area. Not for recognition or praise, but to be inspired and learn from theses amazing artists that God has blessed this world with. In closing I would like to thank everyone who supported, trusted my visions and my awesome clients who keep coming back. 

Farewell 2015!



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Andrew Bird is the owner/founder of Andrew Bird Photography; based in Lake Naomi, Pennsylvania. He has been published in several articles featured in magazines for his Portrait/Fashion and Landscape photographs. Andrew is a Flushing Queens, NY native until age 12 when his family moved to Lake Naomi. He graduated from Pocono Mountain High School and went on to receive a degree in Visual Communications. Photography has always been his passion that is driven by the sights of iconic architecture and nature’s spectacular landscapes but his real affection dwells in capturing the powerful expressions of people. Capturing the moments that make us who we are is what he lives for. Since the start of his journey, Andrew strives to achieve the best of what he can do in every image. As he continues learning and growing, he is reminded of Taylor’s words; “And if I’m not learning. I’m not getting any better.” Building a relationship with a subject is the most important attribute of any photographer. The core value to his business is ensuring the ability to capture the most precious moments and beautiful candids that become compelling images, which is achieved by collaborating with the client every step of the way. Andrew believes this provides a creative atmosphere, making the images even more special. Providing beautiful and creative portraits that go beyond the standard norm is the foundation of his business.